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Raw Cambodian Curly Wave
Raw Cambodian Curly Wave
Raw Cambodian Curly Wave

Raw Cambodian Curly Wave

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Not too curly.. Not too Wavy. If you fall in this category, then this texture is for you! This texture allows you to get the best of both worlds. You get truly defined waves and some ringlets. These are individual bundles.

Product Recommendation : Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner only followed by Ms. Jessie's Pillow Soft Curl Cream as it helps to tame frizz in the hair.

Why you would love this collection

  • 100% Raw and Unprocessed hair.  Absolutely no synthetic fibers. Cut directly from a single donor and wefted. Completely Pure! No Matting or Tangling. 
  • Flat and secure wefts:  The custom wefts allow for undetectable installations and minimal to no shedding.
  • Luster:  LOW LUSTER
  • Texture: Coarse
  • Can hold a curl for many days.  Easy styling
  • Longevity: Can last up to 2 years  or more.
  • Hair can be colored.
  • Hair can be pressed out bone straight and will revert back once washed.
  • Affordable.
  • Simply a Masterpiece!
  • Fast Shipping

100% Unprocessed Human Hair with cuticles running in the same direction.   Simply a Masterpiece. The Raw Cambodian Curly wave is light weight with big ringlets. Luxury at its best. Thick from root to tips with naturally tapered ends as natural hair grows. This texture promises to be the best hair extensions you will ever try! This hair allows for easy and beautiful looking styles.  When washed, it will always revert  back to its natural wave pattern.  Due to its natural nature, the wave pattern will vary from bundle to bundle.  We guarantee that each selection will have little to no shedding/strand loss regardless of texture and wave pattern. Reusable. LOW LUSTER.  Each bundle weighs between 3.0-3.5 ounces


Available in natural black and brown color tones ONLY.