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It is no secret that COVID-19 has shaken the hair industry to its’ core with the need for protective hairstyles at an all time high.

 During these times, we understand the need to find alternative ways to install YUMMY bundles, protect your investment, preserve the integrity of your hair, and- yes- moisturize your scalp daily to stimulate hair growth!

 So, we have teamed up with our favorite Certified YUMMY Locsmith ” to create our Signature YUMMYLoc.

This hairstyle is the most versatile trend we have this season and guaranteed to turn heads even while wearing a mask (yes, it’s that dangerous). 

Proceed with caution only if you want to be the talk of any room!



Walking through our facilities you will notice our gorgeous staff wearing YUMMY Extensions utilizing various installation methods. Installation is all about preference and lifestyle, and it is important to try out different methods to discover what works best for you.

It was late one evening during our Black Friday rush that an employee’s natural hair was in shambles from being put up in a bun for weeks. She had tried other installation methods that required maintenance, but this was NOT the season for trial and error-though she had a profound joy with discovering new looks throughout her career. 

 It was time for a change. An innovation, rather.

 She thought to herself, why not get braids? But braids seemed boring. 

 While on the hunt, this employee came across the page of EKA Stallone, who specializes in natural, messy human hair Locs. 

 Human hair? Natural, messy? This sounded so easy, breezy, and … well, you know the rest. 

Once she arrived to her appointment it was decided that the two would do the unthinkable- cut YUMMY hair off  it’s weft to complete the install.

“We needed something that gave 'sew in’ with a little bit of Lisa Bonet pizzazz,” the employee said. 

 And thus, the YUMMYloc was born and has been trend-setting ever since.



YUMMYLocs benefit the everyday woman. This installation method is classy enough for a dinner party, yet versatile enough for exercise. 

This installation method can last up to 6 months, with proper maintenance and care. Unlike other loc installation methods that have your hair in an entanglement, use our RAW and unprocessed bundles that will provide soft, luxurious locs that are long-lasting and ready for any occasion. 

And yes, the loose hairs can be reused for multiple installs!

With this installation method, you will notice that you can oil your scalp regularly so expect rapid hair growth. You may also ask to have baby hairs left out to preserve any fear of lost edges, which is rare-to-non with this loc method.

When asked about the inspiration and benefits of this protective style Eka Stallone said, “the YUMMYloc is the pretty way to loc with protective benefits. As a licensed hairstylist for over 20 years, this look achieves the benefits of a sew-in with ability to get to the scalp.” 

Battling lupus inspired Stallone to create and specialize in styles that allow for regular washes and versatility. 

“As opposed to other vendors, using YUMMY hair does not tangle and has longevity for 6 months and beyond. This hair is reusable and provides amazing fullness because the weft is thick from root to tips,” Stallone said. 



YUMMYLocs are simply an artistic form of standard locs with YUMMY hair infusion throughout the install to create a beautiful curly or wavy silhouette.

 The textures we recommend to achieve this look are RAW Cambodian Wavy Elegance and RAW Burma Curly.  

 You may also choose to wrap the loc with our RAW LAO BLOW OUT collection.

This install has a very simple maintenance routine of water/conditioner mixture or Mousse every morning to “get up and go”. A simple wash is recommended every 2-3 weeks. Watch Start to Finish Video



We created this loc with our YUMMY girls in mind and cannot wait for you to rock your Loc this season. With that being said, loose hairs to achieve this look will also soon be available for purchase.


Give braids and standard locs a break with this new, innovative protective style that will have you wishin’ you never got addicted! 

 For more specifics on how to install YUMMYlocs email us at to become a Certified YUMMY Locsmith.