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Explore the versatility of our ethically sourced wavy hair extensions, crafted from 100% raw human hair. Featuring textures ranging from soft to deep waves, our extensions provide volume, bounce, and effortless style. Ethically gathered from Cambodia, Laos, and Southeast Asia, they promise a stunning and luxurious hair transformation. Available in wefts, wigs, closures, frontals, tape-ins, and clip-in extensions.


Whether you seek seamless blending or a fresh look, dive into our extensive curly collection. Rated as the best and most unparalleled curly hair in the market, our YUMMY Curly collection ensures a transformative and enjoyable hair experience. Embrace curls and coils that effortlessly complement your natural hair, elevating your style with confidence. Available in wefts, wigs, tape-ins,clip-ins, bulk hair, closures, frontals, and ponytail extensions.


Achieve sleek sophistication with our 100% raw, straight human hair extensions. Crafted for seamless blending and versatility, our extensions offer a flawless, straight style. Enjoy the simplicity of maintaining a polished look or explore various styling options. Elevate your hair game with our high-quality straight extensions for a sleek and chic. Available in wefts, closures, clip-ins, ponytails, and frontals



Get ready for a naturally sleek appearance with our Blowout Hair Extensions, your ultimate choice for a straight look that both looks and feels natural. The Blowout collection ensures a perfect match and delivers a heat-free transformation for effortless style. Available in wefts, closures, frontal, clip-ins, tape-ins, and ponytail extensions


Welcome to the ultimate destination for your dream blonde hair extensions. Crafted from authentic raw hair extensions, our Blonde Wavy collection is a versatile masterpiece. Experience the freedom to experiment with various colors and styles without worrying about dryness or stringiness. Available in wefts, closures, and frontals.