The Brand

Founded in Texas and loved globally, Yummy Extensions inspires beauty and confidence with a prestigious line of authentic human hair extensions  designed to help you stand out and radiate beauty. YUMMY’s founder and beauty expert, Yummie O. is committed to offering you the purest and highest quality of 100% raw human hair extensions that are unique, versatile and made to last.

The Mission

We are committed to providing exceptional products that help you enhance your natural beauty and confidence with the most enjoyable customer experience.

The Founder

It feels like yesterday while working in Corporate America as an IT Consultant. During this time, I had an “aha moment” - a realization that there had to be a career that served a higher purpose. Then, life took a beautiful turn when I became a mom – a turning point that changed everything, and undoubtedly, for the better.

Guided by my mom's encouragement and inspired by my entry into motherhood, I was driven to bring my passion for hair to life through the art of business. At the time, the hair extensions industry was on the rise. I identified an opportunity and embarked on a journey to establish the finest quality hair extensions brand with the best customer experience, Yummy Extensions.

With a $2,000 investment and countless hours, my home-based side business started with unwavering support from my family. Yummy Extensions has established itself as a dominant force in the beauty industry, providing hair enthusiasts worldwide with access to luxurious hair extensions and accessories.

Yummy Girls Rock!

The Community

In addition to delivering high-quality hair extensions, we are dedicated to addressing issues that impact women and their lifestyles. Yummy Extensions allocates an annual investment of over $100,000 to organizations and initiatives like the Violas House, Women in Business grants, and more.