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"The Triple Threat" Blowdryer Set

Lightweight blow dryer set; comes with three attachments and heat settings along with the coveted cool shut button. Use the diffuser attachment to lock in moisture and achieve definition in your curly hair extensions.


5-in-1 Interchangeable Titanium Curling Set

Create effortless and longer lasting curls ranging from tight curls to voluminous bouncy curls. Five titanium attachments for countless styles!


Infrared Ceramic Flat Iron Straighteners

One pass  Infrared ceramic straightener that promotes smooth and healthy hair. Available in multiple size and elegant colors.


1/2” Infrared Ceramic Flat Iron Straightener

Highly effective for getting to the roots of your hair leaving it sleek and straight. Popular used to created baby hairs and short styles.

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Wavy Brush

Discover the ultimate solution for wavy hair with our favorite hair brush. Its unique design is perfect for all wavy textures, providing the ideal tool for effortless styling. The rubber grip handle ensures a comfortable and secure hold, making it easy to use. Additionally, this brush excels at detangling and leaves your hair feeling smooth and manageable.