The seasons are changing! Pumpkin spice, earth tones and cool breezes are on their way! This fall stay up to date and express the season change with Yummy Hair Extensions.

Have Fun With Fall Colors!

Everyone knows that color change is a pivotal point of fall. Even if you don’t want to chemically alter your hair to fit the season Yummy Hair Extensions has something for you!

Our Raw Cambodian bundles tend to have low lights and highlights due to the donors living near the equator. The color change is a result of a natural effect called Sun-Bleaching; where the sun alters the color of the hair organically.

This natural phenomenon results in some of the most beautiful and unique spectrum of colors available on the raw hair market! With our Raw Cambodian bundles, you can express your fall persona without chemically altering your hair! The hair will remain in its original, raw, and luxurious state. Purchase Raw Cambodian bundles, and request a bundle with low lights and high lights today!


Fall.i.tude – A state of mind. Embodying all things fall. I.e., Pumpkin spice and everything nice.



If you want to go a bit further to express your fallitude consider coloring our Raw Cambodian Blonde Wavy bundles. Due to the raw and human nature of our bundles your stylist can achieve a range of colors such as spiced ginger, warm auburn, and chocolate brown. Reference our “Color Me Bad Blog “ for tips on how to achieve stunning colors with the help of your professional hairstylist today!

Express Your Layers

Hair and fashion go hand in hand. You simply cannot have one without the other. A great outfit without a slayed hairstyle is Autumn with no leaves! Don’t miss the key elements this season!

In the fashion world layers are all the rage this year. Layer your hair this Autumn for a sophisticated and effortlessly flawless look that Yummy Girls are sure to love! Adding layers to hair not only adds dimension to your hairstyle it also frames your face for a more customized touch. Layers flow beautifully in the wind and look simply divine with curls. Achieving this look will be a breeze with the help of our Kosa Professionals Tools!

Whether you are out shopping on Rodeo Drive or returning to school, layering your hair will give you the perfect “girl next door” effect! Our Raw Lao Wavy and our Cambodian Natural Wave will look gorgeous in a layered cut!


Trending Installation Methods

Speaking of trends, Tape ins are also making a comeback! Now that the weather is finally cooling down our Raw Lao Wavy Tape Ins  or Raw Curly Tape Ins would be a beautiful addition to any Autumn attire. With the help of a professional stylist and the cooling climate you will be able to get maximum longevity out of your Tape Ins. This styling method can last between 8-10 weeks with proper care!


Go out with a Bang this Fall!

Bangs are in this fall! You can have sleek Rhianna-esque bang or you can rock a textured bang for an edgy Billie Eilish look!

Either way you have to rock this look for autumn! You can achieve both styles with the Cambodian Natural Wave hair texture from Yummy Hair Extensions with the help of Kosa Professional Tools ! Due to the thick yet easily pliable hair strands of Cambodian Natural Wave both looks can easily be attained!


Spice Up Your Ponytail

The trending fishbone braiding technique is the perfect back to school look!

With precision this look can be used to express the virial “clean girl aesthetic.”

Or loosely braided fishbone ponytail can help you express your boho chique!

Eliminate the hassle of a complex install method to achieve a ponytail with Yummy Hair Extension’s Raw Curly Pony Extensions!