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Five Easy PonyTail Styles


Classic, easy, flattering, and endlessly customizable, ponytails may be the most timeless hairstyle - and for good reason.  For too long, though, ponytails were overlooked, taken for granted, assumed to be best suited for young girls.  But no more - thanks in large part to some of our favorite celebrities, who’ve brought ponytails back in a big way (we’re looking at you, Ms. Grande). 

As we sink into the hottest weeks of late summer, when we just can’t deal with the humidity and want to feel a little breeze on our necks, we’re more grateful than ever to have so many chic ponytail styles to choose from.  Whether you’re working with natural hair, full extensions, or a special ponytail clip in, Yummy is here to share with you our absolute favorite ponytail styles - and how to achieve them. 

The Topknot


Easy and super-chic, the topknot screams: I’m a #girlboss, and I’ve got this covered.  Though we mostly love it for how on-top-of-it it makes us look, the topknot is also our go-to style for when we don’t feel like dealing with frizz. 

To create a topknot, use a comb to pull hair tightly into a ponytail at the crown of the head.  Secure with a hair tie.  Comb hairspray or a small amount of gel into the loose hair and, holding all of the loose hair together from the bottom, begin to twist in one direction.  Once hair is twisted tightly, wrap hair around the hair tie.  Secure the ends of the hair by tucking them under the hair tie.  Use hairspray and a comb or toothbrush to smooth hair against the head.  

The Sleek and Low

The low ponytail is flattering on just about everyone, and this sleek version looks perfect everywhere from the boardroom to the red carpet.

 To achieve this style, use the back of a comb to part your hair down the middle to at least the crown of the head, and pull hair back tightly into a ponytail and fasten with a hair tie near the bottom of the hairline.  Using gel and a toothbrush, smooth any loose hair firmly against the head.  Retie hair in the same spot, taking care to pull hair tight at the very base of the neck. Run a flat iron over loose hair, and use your favorite styling product to ensure that flyaways are kept in check.

The Genie Ponytail

We could probably just call this one “The Ariana Grande” and you’d know exactly what we mean.  But some of us have been flaunting this style since before she was born (ahem) so we’ll just keep calling it the Genie Ponytail.  Thanks to Ms. Grande, though, this style is having a bit of a resurgence, and we get asked all the time for tips to make it happen.

 Fortunately, this style couldn’t be easier!  Pull your hair into a high bun using our instructions for the top knot.  Wrap your favorite ponytail weave around the bun, and voila!  Though a thick, straight weave is one of the most in-demand styles right now, we also love a curly or wavy ponytail to mix things up.

Tousled Low Side Ponytail

The low side ponytail is one of the most romantic looks we know of - especially if you opt to keep the hair loose and pull out a few strands to frame your face.  This style can be worn with any kind of hair, but we think it looks best with a natural wave or loose curls.  The best part about it?  It’s easier to pull off the tousled look with hair that hasn’t been recently washed.  To create this style, let your hair part wherever it feels most natural, then gently pull hair towards one shoulder and fasten with a hair tie.  Pull a few strands of hair from the underside of the ponytail and wrap them around the band, fastening the ends in place by tucking it under the band.  Using your fingers, gently loosen a few locks to frame your face, and gently curl them if desired.

The Bubble Braid


The bubble braid is our newest obsession.  Hands down the most otherworldly look to emerge in a long time, the bubble braid is fantastic for when you want to make an impression on a night out.  But like most other ponytails, this one is a breeze to style.  To do it, pull all of your hair up into a ponytail, wherever you’d like it.  Smooth the hair against the head with your favorite styling product.  If hair crowds near the band, pull it out and retie the hair.  Then simply band the hair several more times, a few inches apart.  Customize it based on your hair style and the look you’re going for: if you’re rocking waves or curls, you may want to give it plenty of slack between bands to show off your hair’s wild side.  If you’re working with straight hair or want a sleeker look, you may want to use more bands, and keep the hair held more tightly between them.