Half Braid, Half Sew-in with our favorite Raw SEA Wavy Opulence

Stay cool as summer winds down and join the likes of Alicia Keys, Issa Rae, Skai Jackson, and Jill Scott by rocking this trendy half braid-half sew in look!  

Yummy Hair Extensions’ Raw Sea Wavy Opulence is the perfect texture to achieve a natural effortless installation. This texture is also perfect for diving in and out of the pool or hitting the waves in Jamaica with its' deep wavy curl pattern that is light and breezy, which allows for a breathable style during the record-breaking heat this year.

With the Raw Sea Wavy Opulence, you can have a multitude of styles. You can easily go from its naturally curly state to straight... straight into wand curls... and then brush those curls out to a beautiful beach curl! All these styles can be achieved with the help of Kosa professional tools and Yummy Hair Extensions’ “Favorite Wavy Brush”.  


This beautiful Half Braid Half Sewn in style can be achieved in just a few steps! 

  1. Braid down the back half of the hair in a sew in braid pattern
  2. Leave the front half of your hair out that can be braided back into rows
  3. Sew the Sea Wavy Opulence Yummy Hair Extensions to the braided down section of hair in the back prepared for a sew in  
  4. Braid the left-out hair in the front towards the back of the hair where the Yummy Hair has been installed using braiding hair 
  5. Fluff, Smile and go!  

The products used to achieve this gorgeous hairstyle are… 

  1. Sea Wavy Opulence Yummy Hair Extensions 3 bundles of 24"
  2. Braiding Hair for front rows 
  3. Needle 
  4. Thread 

So, the install was easy enough but “what about after care?”

Yummy Hair Extensions has your back! 


  1. Plat or braid your Sea Wavy Opulence Yummy Hair Extensions into three braids for the night.  
  2. Tie a satin scarf at the top of your head to protect your freshly braided hair and edges in the front. 
  3. Place your hair bonnet over the back of the style and the scarf to protect the whole install. 

Doing this simple routine at night will help you avoid the tangling that is usually experienced at the nape when hair is sewn in. 


  1. Remove the plats of braids that you placed in your Sea Wavy Opulence extensions 
  2. Refresh your curls with a mixture that is 70% water and 30% conditioner  
  3. Cowash the back of your installation at list 1x per week using our recommended care regimen  

Finally, don’t be afraid to venture out and try this hairstyle with other textures of Yummy hair! 

Come feel the difference of the best raw hair extensions on the market at our Yummy Hair Store in Dallas, Texas or our Yummy Hair Store located in Brooklyn, New York.

Written by Annastasia