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How to Achieve Longer Lasting Curls With Wavy Hair Extensions


Are the results of your curled style leaving you feeling a little...flat?

Never fear! Let Yummy Hair Extensions show you how to create longer lasting curls.

By making small changes to your styling methods, you can see better and longer lasting results!

Items you’ll need

  1. The 5-in-1 Interchangeable Titanium Curling Iron
  2. Double Prong Metal Curl Clips
  3. KOSA+YUMMY Triple Threat Blow Dryer Set
  4. Denman Brush or Comb
  5. Heat Protectant
  6. Flexi Rods
  7. Scarf or Bonnet
  8. Our Favorite Wavy Brush

Steps to Follow

  • Start with freshly washed hair
  • Begin styling when hair is 70% dry
  • Section the hair into four to six sections
  • Apply a heat protectant spray or gel
  • Blow dry the hair; do not forget to chase the hair as you blow dry with a Denman brush (for curly hair) or comb (for wavy hair).
  • Note: For best results, DO NOT Flat iron your hair before curling. You want as much texture in your hair before you curl.
  • Begin curling each section by curling the hair away from the face.
  • After curling the hair, be sure not to let the curl fall while you attempt to pin the curl. Hold the curls as shown in the video.
  • Using a double prong metal clip, pin your curls tightly to allow additional time for the curls to cool and set into a beautiful ringlet.
  • Complete the above step on your entire head.
  • Once your final curl has been completed and pinned, start removing the pinned curls on the side you began the styling process; to allow the newest curls time to cool.
  • Optional: Use Our Favorite Wavy Brush to brush your hair for beautifully cascading curls.

“Secure the Curl” Night Time Routine

  • Wrap the previously heat styled curls around the Flexi Rods to preserve your style!
  • Cover your hair with a scarf or bonnet

In conclusion, with a little TLC you can create longer lasting curls on any of our Yummy textures!  Taking the extra time to create long lasting curls is most certainly worth the effort, can avoid heat damage, and help our busy Yummy Girls save time on restyling!

Written by Annastasia and Creative team