We’re back with round two of Yummy Tutorials, this time to teach you some quick tips and solid tricks to help out a few of our favorite customers. We’re not sure what it is about this time of year that has our girls reaching for their curling irons. Maybe it’s the dreary winter, maybe it’s the cold, maybe all of you just want a little reminder that spring is around the corner - but lately a lot of Yummy girls have been asking us for help achieving a new curly-haired look.


You asked and we delivered. Today, we’re going to answer the number one question we receive about curls: Why does my silky straight hair lose its curl so quickly? What’s the deal? And what can I do about it?


Once again, we’ve enlisted the help of Yummy friend and hair styling maven, Breezy of B. Paradox Beauty. You can watch her tutorial on Yummy’s YouTube feed to see her work in action - and we recommend you do. This woman is absolute magic. Below are her tips and tricks which you can return to whenever you need a refresher.


First things first: No matter what kind of hair you’re working with - extensions or wigs or anything else - the first step is the most important. You have to start with squeaky clean hair. Why? If your hair has any product build-up in it at all, styling it will only make it stiff. And what’s the point of curls that don’t bounce? For curly hair especially, movement is a must, so deep clean that hair before you begin.


Second: Blow out your hair. Sounds simple right? But here is where many of us go wrong. When blowing out hair for straight looks, we often use tension, created by brushing downward with a paddle brush in order to create tension and hold the hair straight while the hot air dries it. This method results in a very smooth, flat texture. Which sometimes we love! But when you’re going for curls and volume, you want your hair to have as much texture as possible. So blow out your hair without a brush, and without tension. Working in sections, simply hold the dryer a few inches from your head, and point it downward until your hair dries completely. Voila! You’ll know you’ve done it right when your hair doesn’t lay flat, and looks a little more natural.


Third: Part your hair into medium-sized sections with the narrow end of a comb. Working on one section at a time, start by gently brushing the hair out. Using an adjustable-heat curling iron, set the heat to around 415 degrees fahrenheit. Roll the hair onto the curler, taking care to make sure that the ends aren’t crimped. All hair is different, and it’s important to use your own discretion, but in general, we usually leave the heat on the hair for around 10-15 seconds.


Fourth: Now here’s where the magic starts to happen. When you release your hair from the curling iron, pin it to the scalp - still in a coil - to let it cool while still in the shape of the curl. Here’s a pro-tip from Breezy: regardless of its texture, hair will take on whatever shape it’s in as it cools, so releasing your hair from the curler and moving on to the next section of hair right away is no bueno. It will result in a weaker curl pattern because it cools down as gravity stretches it straight again! Who knew?!


And finally: Once all of your hair has been curled, pinned in place, and cooled, mist a bit of light holding spray all over your head. Once dried, delicately release each curl, and shake them out using your fingers. And there you have it! Gorgeous, long-lasting curls for even the finest of hair.


Are you as amazed as we were? We couldn’t believe how effective this method is, and wanted to share it with all of you Yummy girls. Let us know how it works for you! As always, we want to see your styles, so be sure to tag us on Instagram with your gorgeous curls. And for more Yummy tutorials, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube feed!

We are sending a huge shout out to Breezy, who you should definitely follow at @blessedbybreezy