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How to Refresh and Wash Curly Hair Extensions


 Let me just start off by saying I am completely obsessed with curly hair extensions.  I love the freedom that comes with textured curly hair.  To summarize it looks like hair that could truly grow out of my scalp.  And the attention I get is unbelievable. haha

 In today’s blog, I will give you my tips and tricks on getting bouncy and flawless looking ringlets that we all love so much.

Step 1: Section your hair is 3 to 4 parts and detangle your hair completely using a steady Denman brush.   You want to make sure that all of your curls are completely brushed out.  Side note: You cant be lazy with this step because it causes issues later.  Ill explain later.

Step 2: Make a water and conditioner mix in a spray bottle  2/3 conditioner and 1/3 Water. Spay each section with the mix thoroughly.  You want to make sure  the section is completely wet before you take the next step.

Step 3: Use  your steady Denman Brush to brush through starting from the ends. Work your way through.  Now in this step, you need to be able to “flick your wrist” haha.  OK back to being serious.  When you brush through, you will notice the coils start to form. You should have no friction with this step if and only if you weren't lazy with step 1.  Repeat  step 3 on all sections. You may also apply hair serum or curl cream within this step.  We only recommend curl cream when dealing with heavily textured hair like the Raw Cambodian Curly Wave or Yummy Soft Kinks.  All other curly textures don't need curl cream as they very heavy to the hair.  Less is more. 

Step 4: Use a cotton T-shirt, to scrunch each section.  The scrunching step helps to put the coil form in place and to stop the hair from dripping water.

Step 5: Now comes the step most people miss.  With your hair still in sections, use a blowdryer with a diffuser head to dry the hair until it is at least 60% dry.  The diffuser head helps to prevent frizz.

Step 6: LEAVE THE COILS ALONE.  This is most difficult step.  While you curls are drying, you never want to touch or run your fingers through it.  Just let it air dry.

I typically repeat these steps every other day or when I feel my hair needs a refresh.  I hope this was helpful.