Prepare for spring and summer in under two hours with the luxurious and iconic Flip Over Method! 

The Flip Over Method is a refreshing blast from the past that will fit right in with the rest of your Y2K trends.  It offers seamless blending, minimal leave out and flowing tresses with a side of sass once you get that flip appeal just right! 

Ivy’s Signature Pronto Flip Over Method, which we will be showcasing today, is another version of the famous Flip Over Method. It’s a protective style with minimal leave out that features the beautiful Raw Lao Lush Curly texture. Making it a breeze for yummy girls with 3B,3C, 4A, and 4B textures. Talk about versatile!

Feel free to do this method with other textures if you want to switch up your beauty! The flip over method will be stunning in straight, wavy and curly textures.  

The original Flip Over Method was created by the beautiful and talented content creator IVY way back in 2012. This style absolutely took the online community by storm inspiring many content creators and content enjoyers to recreate the look. Today, Yummy Hair Extensions is excited to honor this style through the power of innovation on its 11th year anniversary! IVY has used her iconic flip over method style to inspire her new Signature Pronto Flip Over Method. This method allows for an easier installation (absolutely no sewing!) and can be achieved in under two hours! Perfect for our busy lifestyles in this new decade. 

Yummy Hair Extensions offers the best raw extensions on the market. So, you can rest assured that your bundles will be reusable after wearing this style! 

Below we have written a step-by-step guide on the items you’ll need, how to prep your natural hair for this style, defining your Raw Lao Lush Curly bundles with hair care methods for curly hair, and protecting the curls in your raw extensions with a nighttime routine. Last but not least, adding finishing touches with Kosa Professionals tools. Following these steps will not only bring Ivy’s Signature Pronto Flip Over Method to life; but you’ll be able to add your own signature to the style too! 

Let’s get started! 


Items You Will Need 

Let’s prep your hair for Ivy’s “Signature Pronto Flip Over Method”! 

  • To begin Ivy’ signature “Pronto Flip Over Method” start with your hair braided down 
  • Braid your edges for leave out. Place one braid on each side of your head that starts in the middle and ends behind the ears 
  • Create 6 jumbo braids for the remaining hair. These braids should start behind the leave out and end at the nape of your neck.  
  • Pin your braids up in the back  
  • Place two wig caps over the 6 jumbo braids you created; leaving your two front braids exposed.  
  • For extra protection spray a layer of Got2bglue or your preferred hairspray adhesive over the two wig caps 
  • Use your KOSA+YUMMY Triple Threat Blow Dryer Set to dry the adhesive spray, you applied 
  • Make sure the spray is thoroughly dried 
  • Layer your caps with bond protective shield 
  • Be sure to thoroughly cover the cap and the edges of your jumbo braids with the protective shield to efficiently protect any hair that may come in contact with glue while styling (Timestamp 2:20 – 2:55) 
  • Use KOSA+YUMMY Triple Threat Blow Dryer Set to dry the protective shield layer, you just applied 

Installing Ivy’s “Signature Pronto Flip Over Method” style! 

  • Measure the length of weft you need by unraveling your Lao Lush Curly bundle and placing it from one side of the nape of your neck to the other (Time stamp 4:00-4:07) 
  • Once you have the length you want layer your track with glue to apply your first weft!  Are you TeamNoGlue? No worries, this method can be achieved using the sew in method.
  • Press down firmly on all your wefts as you apply them to the cap. 
  • Continue layering your tracks closely together; work your way up to the middle of your head 
  • Once you have reached the middle of your head; create a guide using eyeliner or tailor’s chalk. This will help mark where you will begin to lay your tracks vertically instead of horizontally. (Timestamp 5:20- 5:42) 
  • Continue laying your tracks horizontally until you reach the line of demarcation that you created. 
  • Once you are done laying your tracks horizontally begin applying your vertically layered tracks (Timestamp 6:54 – 8:57) 
  • Be sure to place these tracks close together as they are the key to your flip over method!  
  • After you place your last track, firmly press down on the vertical tracks you layered and thoroughly dry them with your blow dryer to avoid lifting (Timestamp 8:47- 9:55) 

 We are done installing Ivy’s “Signature Pronto Flip Over Method”; Let’s add the finishing touches! 

  • Refresh your hair for added definition to your curls 
  • Add in Your Favorite curly hair pudding or gel. Our favorite is Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls! 
  • After adding in the curling agent use your Denman brush to help enhance the pattern of your curls 
  • Don’t forget to scrunch the ends! (Timestamp 11:20-11:23) 
  • Use a diffuser attachment to really further help those curls pop and stay poppin! (Timestamp 11:24 –11:53) 

 Blend your leave out! 

  • Unbraid the two braids you placed at the front of your head 
  • Use KOSA +YUMMY 1/2" Ceramic Flat-Iron Styler to curl your edges by creating spiral curls with the flat iron (Timestamp 12:46-13:39) 
  • After you finish blending your leave out don’t forget to flip, shake and go! (13:39- 14:29) 

Secure the style: Night Time Routine 

  • Timestamp (14:40-15:20) 
  • Using an elastic band place your hair in a high ponytail  
  • Wrap your leave out around small flexirods  
  • Put on a scarf and head to bed! 
  • In the morning simply fluff your hair, remove the flexirods, and go!  

If you prefer to try this style with other curly textures consider our raw virgin hair extensions collection. Yummy Virgin Soft Kinks and Yummy Virgin Deep Curl closely match 4A and 4B hair patterns which will make this style seamless for all of our curl-friends!  

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Let’s slay the day the Yummy way! 


Written by Annastasia