Know your Wig Size: How to measure for your head for a wig

If you’ve ever worn one, you know: a beautiful wig is a work of art. So many details go into their design, creation, and placing - and this is a good thing. It means that you can find one that is perfect for you, and makes you shine in a perfectly unique way. But it also means that there are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing one. Yummy is all about quality, no matter what kind of hair product you’re buying.

Today, though, we’re talking about sizing your wig, because it won’t matter how gorgeous it is if it doesn’t fit you like a glove. To do this, we’ve enlisted help from our good friend Breezy, AKA B.J., aka wig fitter extraordinaire, who was kind enough to partner with us to share a how-to video, which we highly recommend you take a look at if you’re not able to have a wig professionally fitted.

Below, we’re sharing the cliff’s notes version in case you need a little refresh. There are six - yes six - measurements needed to ensure your wig fits like a dream. For the most accurate measurements, we recommend using a fabric measuring tape and braiding your hair into tight cornrows - exactly as it will be worn under the wig. 

Head Circumference

The first measurement is for the circumference of the wig, so the measurement is taken along the natural hairline. To capture this measurement, place the end of the measuring tape at the center of the forehead - right at the hairline or a little below. If you know that you like to wear your wig slightly lower, measure from where you would like it to hit your forehead. Pull the measuring tape around behind the ears, down to the nape of the neck - near where your scalp ends at the base of the head - and then up around the other side, behind the ears, to meet at the center of your forehead.

Front to nape

The second measurement is from the front of your hairline to the back, or front to nape. To capture this measurement, place the measuring tape at the same place on the forehead as you did for the circumference measurement. For this one, it’s extra important that the hair lies as flat as possible - either in cornrows or parted down the middle and pulled into two ponytails, so that the scalp is exposed in a straight line. Pull the measuring tape straight back down the center to the nape of the neck - where the scalp ends at the base of the head.

Temple to temple

The third measurement is from one temple to the other. For this measurement, place the measuring tape against the hairline at one temple, and stretch it around the back of your head to the hairline at the other temple.

Please note, the measuring tape should not go over the top of your head or around the bottom at the nape of the neck. This should go in a straight line back and around the largest part of the head.

Length of nape

The fourth measurement is the easiest - it’s the length of the hairline at the nape of the neck, which falls in a curved line at the base of the head. To measure, simply place the measuring tape at one side where the hairline juts upward toward the ears - and measure to the other side where it does the same thing. For reference, most people have a nape measurement that is around four inches long.

Ear to ear

The fifth measurement is particularly important for a frontal wig, so be sure to measure twice. It measures the hairline from one ear to another. To do this, place the end of the measuring tape where the top of one ear connects to the head, stretch it up the hairline, along the forehead, and down to the same point on the other ear.

Here’s a pro-tip:

If you’re going glueless, subtract one inch from this measurement to ensure a perfect fit. Ear top to ear top The sixth and last measurement is from one ear top to the other. This one is super important because everyone’s head is shaped differently. No judgment! Some of us have rounded skulls, while others are more or less flat across the top. This measurement ensures that the wig sits firmly over the top of the head - neither bubbling up in the middle or falling short near the ears.

A final note

It’s really important to get these measurements right, but don’t be intimidated! They’re all relatively quick to complete, so we recommend measuring twice, or asking a girlfriend for help. Once she sees how amazing your new wig looks, she’ll probably ask you to repay the favor! For more Yummy tutorials, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube feed. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with your newest looks, and be sure to share some love with @blessedbybreezy