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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!


Discussing Breast Cancer is no easy feat. The topic can be scary; not knowing how Breast Cancer can develop or who is at risk of developing it, can cause a whole other layer of fear to deal with.

This year, Yummy Hair Extensions wants to give the gift of empowerment by providing YOU with streamlined information about Breast Cancer, who is at risk, and what you can do to fight against it.

Join Yummy Hair Extensions in the fight against Breast Cancer by educating yourself and your loved ones!

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer is an overgrowth of abnormal cells in the breast. The cells divide more rapidly than usual and create a lump of tissue or mass in the breast. Breast Cancer can sometimes move to other areas of the body. If Breast Cancer spreads, it is called Invasive Lobular Carcinoma.

How Common is Breast Cancer, and who is at risk for Breast Cancer?

 Simply being female can increase your risk for Breast Cancer. Many people ask the question, "Can men get Breast Cancer?"

While 1 in 1000 men is at risk for Breast Cancer, a staggering 1 in 8 women is at risk for Breast Cancer, according to the American Cancer Society.

For more information on Breast Cancer in men, visit this page on

Older woman have an increased risk of Breast Cancer. Ages most at risk include those between the ages of 40-74. At the age of 40, it is highly recommended that you talk to your healthcare provider about scheduling annual or bi-annual mammograms.

Below are statics for the ages of women diagnosed with Breast Cancer according to the National Cancer Institute

  • Age 30 . . . . . . 49% (or 1 in 204)
  • Age 40 . . . . . . 55% (or 1 in 65)
  • Age 50 . . . . . . 40% (or 1 in 42)
  • Age 60 . . . . . . 54% (or 1 in 28)
  • Age 70 . . . . . . 09% (or 1 in 24)

Is Breast Cancer genetic?

While 5% to 10% of Breast Cancer is genetic, according to the American Cancer Society, the rest of the diagnosis' can be attributed to lifestyle and environmental factors. Let's look at some lifestyle choices that can put many women at risk for Breast Cancer.

  • Not being physically active
  • Excessive alcohol use
  • Being overweight after menopause

For a more in-depth look at risk factors that include lifestyle and genetics, visit

What are the early signs of Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer symptoms can include the following.

  • A lump in the breast or armpit
  • A change in the shape or size of your breast
  • Nipples becoming inverted or pulled in
  • Nipple discharge (clear or red)
  • The skin of the breast is red or inflamed
  • The skin of the breast dimpling in a way that looks like the dimples on an orange peel

For more information on early signs of breast cancer, visit this Resource

Although Breast Cancer screening cannot prevent Breast Cancer, diagnosing Breast Cancer earlier can increase the chances of survival.

For more information on how to get screened for little to no cost, visit

How can I prevent Breast Cancer?

At Yummy Hair Extensions, we believe in the power of being proactive and taking matters into our own hands when possible. Let's look at more ways to combat probable Breast Cancer diagnosis below.

  • Giving yourself a monthly breast screening
  • Going to a health professional for yearly breast screening starting at the age of 40
  • Reducing Alcohol consumption
  • Breastfeeding if possible
  • Maintaining an active lifestyle

For more information on preventing breast cancer and addressing risk factors, visit this page on

YUMMY, YOU, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month this year.

Yummy Hair Extensions makes serving women of all ages their mission. This year, we are donating ten luxury YUMMY EXTENSIONS wigs to

While luxury is one of our priorities, so is health, heritage, and knowledge building for women of all communities. Last year we had the honor of experiencing three of our Yummy Girls who have been affected by Breast Cancer. It was a privilege to hear their stories of triumph and to celebrate their continuation of life in a particularly Yummy way! These regal ladies were flown out to Dallas and given a full day of beauty with Yummy Hair Extensions!

View the heartwarming blog and video linked here for more on how we celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month last year.


Written by Annastasia