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Do not Over bleach Your Lace Products


Ready. Set. Melt!

It’s no stretch to say that the appeal of purchasing lace items is for the effortless natural appearance that it can add to your hairstyle.  Because when it comes to lace, everyone knows that when it comes to lace if it doesn’t lay like butter the hairstyle just isn’t complete!

 However, the process of getting your lace to melt is not as easy as it may seem. This process takes practice and precision to get it right and still keep the integrity of your lace intact.

At Yummy Extensions we take every action possible to make sure your lace items are as easy to apply as possible. For example, some of our Yummy Hair Extension lace products come with pre-bleached knots!

Additionally, our lace products start off with single knotted hair strands and gradually transition into double knotted hair strands for a natural appearing hairline. George Jefferson hairlines are not allowed over here! *haha*

These steps were taken in an effort to reduce customization time for our Yummy Girls. Something your stylist will love you for! When purchasing Yummy Hair Extensions lace products be sure to let your stylist know if the knots are prebleached. You can find this information in the description section of our products. 

It is important to know that over bleaching your lace items can result in…

  • Weakening the knots in your lace. Which can lead to shedding in two ways: The lace knots are loosened which will result in the hair shedding through the back of the lace and the chemically altered hair strands also shedding due to over bleaching.
  • Shedding results in tangling from the shedding hair which can result in more tension needing to be put on the lace when detangling. Which in turn can reduce the longevity of your lace item or even lead to tearing.
  • Over bleaching the knots will make them brighter than the unbleached lace which will result in reduced stealth. This is the complete opposite of the intention of a lace item! 


So how can you avoid over bleaching? 

We’ve got you covered. 

Take a look at this quick and informative video that we have made about the results of over bleaching lace and how to bleach your lace items correctly. 

Additionally, it is important to NOT overpluck your lace and also to use Professional products when laying your lace to promote longevity!

We hope this helps and cannot wait to serve you as your SERVE looks in your new lace item from Yummy Extensions!