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Raw Hair vs Virgin Hair-What is the Scoop?


If you are a newbie to the world of Human Hair Extensions it is easy to be overwhelmed by the options on today’s market. Truth is, becoming well versed on what to expect from all types of Human Hair Extensions offered will help you make the best decision and leave you stress-free!

In this article, let us break down the RAW facts to you. Yes, class is in session, and we will be answering  frequently asked questions (FAQ) about these popular hair extension types with UNFILTERED information.


What are Virgin Hair Extensions?

The true definition of Virgin Hair is 100% Natural Human Hair that has never been manipulated or processed in any way. However, in the world of human hair extensions, Virgin Hair is human hair that has been chemically altered or mechanically manipulated to achieve desired textures and/or colors and usually sourced from multiple donors. This means that most ‘Virgin Hair’ sold today has actually adopted former ‘Remy Hair’ characteristics.  Remy Hair Extensions is typically the hair “left over” from 100% Virgin Hair donors and processed to market which lowers the quality. But now, we are seeing this trend into our virgin hair market, lowering industry standard on what used to be known as the Gold Standard.

Note: At YUMMY Extensions our Virgin Hair is only steamed processed to maintain the integrity of the hair and cuticles. This collection has not been chemically processed in any way.


What are RAW Hair Extensions?

Raw Hair is ... *drum roll*

... True Virgin Human Hair by definition. In the world of Human Hair Extensions, Raw Hair

is 100% Natural Human Hair that is chemically unprocessed in any way and usually sourced from single donors. The term ‘Raw’ was utilized to differentiate between True Virgin Hair and Processed Virgin Hair, making Raw Hair Extensions the ‘Best Virgin Hair’ on todays market.


What are Hair Grades?

You will see on the market today that some hair extensions are “graded” for quality; however, this should raise a red flag because it implies that hair has been mixed, may have fillers, and/or is processed which alters the integrity of the hair.  Hair grades are a false way to categorize Human Hair Extensions developed by Chinese Manufacturers many years ago. The hair grading system is not regulated and was developed as a way to market product to consumers.

The grading system first started off as 1A-3A and gradually progressed to 10A in today’s market. Grades are used to determine the percentage of human hair in a bundle as well as the integrity of its cuticles. If you see hair that is ‘graded’... run! You will be wasting your money.

 100% Raw or Virgin Hair extensions should not be graded as their cuticles remain intact and there should not be mixed with fillers.


What are the main differences between RAW hair and Virgin Hair in today's market?

 Raw hair texture is naturally derived whereas Virgin hair has been processed to achieve the texture pattern in efforts to mimic a particular hair style or pattern.  Virgin hair on the market is typically silky, medium to high luster, and sourced from multiple donors. Raw hair varies in pattern, tone, and is typically lower to medium luster due to the fact that it is not processed and cut from same donors. Hint: this is why Raw Hair Extensions are typically harder to maintain than Virgin Hair Extensions. Raw hair will respond to elements, manipulation, and care just like your own hair would!


Features of RAW Hair Extensions in Today's Market?

  • Purest form of Virgin Hair on Today’s Market
  • Rare (this is why we sell out fast).
  • Every bundle has a unique appearance
  • Full cuticle hair
  • Mainly sourced from one donor.
  • Available hair textures are limited to natural hair patterns (I.e. natural wave, curly, straight)
  • Lasts longer (5+ years) because it gets better with every wash.
  • Typically more maintenance
  • Available only in natural blacks, browns, grays, reds (rare), and blondes (rare)


Features of Virgin Hair Extensions in Today's Market?

  • Quality varies depending on distributor; more margin for false advertising
  • Every bundle is uniform due to hair being processed
  • Available hair textures are “endless”
  • Lasts up to one year with exceptional care
  • Cuticles may not always be in tact.
  • Hair feels good at first glance and may feel hard after 4th to 5th wash. Mostly the case when poor quality hair is used to produce hair.
  • Available in array of colors

What are the texture differences?

 Raw Hair on the market today typically has Straight, Natural Wave and Curly options as its’ standard patterns due to it being unaltered in any way.  However, Virgin Hair comes in an array of options such as Body Wave, Loose Wave, Kinky Curls, Kinky Straight, Water Wave, Spanish Wave, and various other popular patterns that are meant to mimic how one's hair would look from a specific region (ex. Indian hair, Brazilian hair).

Fun Fact: “Brazilian hair” on the market is typically not sourced from Brazil at all! This is only a marketing tactic for vendors to attract more consumers to the pattern of Brazilian hair. Actual Brazilian hair is extremely rare and difficult to source.


Which quality is better?

The quality of Raw hair and Virgin hair will depend on the donors, sourcing, and production. There can be lower- quality raw hair just as there can be higher- quality Virgin hair. This will all depend on the vendors used and/or stipulations put into place with sourcing and production. For example, our Virgin collection is NOT chemically processed in any way. This collection is only heat processed to achieve the desired pattern (ex. Our Body Wave hair is RAW human hair that has been steamed processed to achieve this wave pattern).


Where is RAW hair and Virgin hair sourced from?

Raw human hair and Virgin human hair can be sourced from anywhere in the world. For example, YOU could be a donor! But lets talk about our market.

Virgin and Raw Human Hair are  typically sourced from South Asian countries and can be rare due to supply and demand. These countries include Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), and India.

The difference between Raw hair and vigin hair mainly depends on how the hair is processed.  Raw hair "should" be hair cut in the same direction as it grows from a single donor, hackled, cleansed and sold.  Raw hair has absolutely no processing done to it whatsoever. It is the purest hair on the market.  Before the influx of hair companies on the market, raw hair used to be referred to as "virgin hair."

In an effort to create a market demarcation, the meaning of the term "Virgin hair"changed.  Now, virgin hair is referred as any hair is not "raw hair."  Virgin hair is human hair extensions (or not) that has been processed to resemble certain patterns such as body wave, yaki, kinky curl, etc.  We like to say all Virgin hair is not created equal because the quality of the hair always depends on the authenticity of the raw hair used  and the process used to create the patten.  All virgin hair sold at Yummy Hair Extensions starts with raw human hair and then steamed processed to develop the pattern.  The reason we offer this option is to give our customers more style and texture options that raw hair will not.  

Bet you did not know this.....

Textures such as Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair and Peruvian hair are the most popular textures for Virgin hair extensions and essentially.. Well.. ‘made up’ for marketing purposes. These textures on the market are sourced and processed into these wave patterns. After chemically processing the hair, It is sold with a disguised name for consumers.

So, this is why it is important to know where your hair is sourced and having single donors assists with the overall hair quality. You do NOT want hair sourced that is “left overs” from high quality Raw or Virgin hair.

Note: At YUMMY Extensions, our Virgin collection is NOT sourced from China and India, but rather, undisclosed countries where sourcing is much more difficult and rare. Our steam patterns are also unique to us as we are essentially, our “own vendor”.


Is YUMMY Extensions ethically sourced?

At YUMMY Extensions, we take pride in our hair being ethically sourced from multiple regions and providing financial gain to the communities in which we source. All of our donors are volunteers and receive compensation. We do not sell hair that has been cut from temples or for religious purposes that have been exploited.


Which RAW and Virgin Textures does YUMMY Extensions Offer ?

 At YUMMY Extensions our Virgin Collection consists of our YUMMY Collection and Body Wave products. Our RAW Collection consists of our Cambodian collection, LAO collection, SEA collection and Burmese collection.   Our RAW and Virgin collections will state their classification on the  title or product description.  All of our RAW Hair and Virgin hair can last up to 3-5 years with proper maintenance.


Which human hair extensions is best for me?

The best way to discover your favorite texture, is to try them! If you are a first time YUMMY Girl we suggest our RAW Cambodian Natural Wave or the Raw LAO Wavy    We have to warn you.. Yummy Hair Extensions is highly addictive.  Once you start you won't stop!

Have any more questions about our Raw Hair or Virgin Hair collections? Feel free to email us at