If you think pink hair, wigs, and hair gel are new inventions, Yummy Hair Extensions is a surprise! Your trendy pink lace front and your grandma's beehive hairdo go further back in history than you think!  Celebrate National Hair day by following us along for this brief look into the iconic history in which these styles were made. 

 Ancient Egypt 2686 BC – 2181 BC

Wigs have been around before the A.D. period. In the distant past, wigs were made of materials such as human hair, wool, plant fibers, and horsehair. The most expensive wigs available during this time were made of human hair or black sheep wool. What a surprise that human hair has always been the standard of luxury for wigs! Ancient Egyptians also used beeswax and resin, the way we use gel today, to hold the hair in its desired style. They believed in keeping their hairstyles in place, and those edges laid!



700-480 B.C

Moving further up the timeline, we see that the ancient Greeks knew how to accessorize! They added beautiful embellishments like gold powder, fresh flowers, and jeweled tiaras for an ethereal appeal. These are items that we still use today to our express ourselves and enhance our hairstyles. [Ancient Greek hairstyles.] focus on displaying the accessories like fresh flowers and jewels.



 The Americas 1400

 In the 14th century, America's Indigenous tribes wore their natural hair in beautiful middle parts with long flowing braids.  The Hopi Maidens wore their hair in beautiful spirals on the opposite side of their head, which inspired the iconic design of Princess Leia's hair buns in the Star Wars franchise.

[Native American traditional hairstyles. Middle parts braids, Hopi Maiden hairstyle.]


17th Century France

Across the sea, in 17th Century France, the French were all about wigs! While men would have lofty curls, sometimes tied back or allowed to hang free, the Nobel women of this period would take their styles to new heights! During this time, men and women were adorned in synthetic hair and lace wigs.

This is where the term bigwig hails from, meaning a person of high importance. The height and extravagance of your wig could say things about your position in society before you even walked on the ballroom floor.

The wigs would often stand at a minimum of 4 inches tall! They were sometimes adorned with wireframes and miniature ships. On occasion, the wigs would be coated in a sticky substance; Then, to add color, they would be powdered with beautiful blues, lazy lavenders, and pouty pinks. What a statement!


[Hairstyles mentioned: 17th Century tall wigs with ships and cages. Wigs for males from the 17th century]


 Victorian Era

A change in political climate often comes with a shift in trending styles! Ate 18th century to the early 19th century was the Victorian period. The world was fresh off the heels of the reigning French dominance.

Victorian era hairstyles were a complete 180 from the previous indulgence and extravagance of the French's 17th-century styles.  Middle parts were essential, and updos were the norm, providing an understated yet elegant appeal.  Intricate braiding patterns added flair to the often pinned-back hair of women living in the Victorian period.  The ever-popular Barley curls were cute and very reminiscent of the Shirley Temple curl we know today.

[ Hair Styles Mentioned: Victorian Hairstyle updos. Victorian Hairstyles with braids.  Barley Curls. Victorian hairstyle often included bonnets/hats]




In the 1940's Victory Rolls, a patriotic yet fashionable symbol, emerged on the scene.

The U.S.A was just off the heels of World War Two, which caused this beautiful and patriotic hairstyle to be a popular choice of many Hollywood Starlets and homemakers alike.

On the men's side, a rebellious and sleek hairstyle was new to the scene! The 1955 movie "Rebel Without a Cause" portrays the social unrest many young people felt at the time. The movie star James Dean would use this celebrity hairstyle favorite to emphasize the youthful and rebellious nature of young men during this period. Today this hairstyle is seen as a clean-cut, vintage, and fashionable way to express yourself.  We can't forget the iconic pin curls and hair scarves that symbolized the gain of autonomy and employment for women in the United States!

[Hairstyles mentioned: Victory Rolls, D.A. haircut, Rosie the Rivtor]




The "Beehive" hairstyle, reminiscent of the styles during the 14th century, allows 14th-century French hair trends to make a comeback! But the 1960s to 1980s were indeed not devoid of individualism. The Vietnam war was ramping up, and the Hippy was born out of resistance to that.  The Hippy flower child look often allows your tresses to flow naturally and freely. Long, sleek locks like that of famous singer Cher became common.  During this highly political time, afros also made a statement that was not only fashionable but a way to signify pride and identity.  Afros made their rounds from the dance floor to the board room and are still pivotal to American culture today.

[HairStyles Mentioned: Beehives, Long flowing locks(straight hair), Afros]




Individualism was at an all-time high, and the music industry greatly influenced street fashion from the runway to the local music scenes.  Hair shows became pivotal in the hair industry. The 90’s hailed into existence mullets, flat hair, teased hair, streaks, and more! These iconic and flamboyant styles displayed during hair shows and hair competitions were very reminiscent of those Durning the 14-century fashion styles.

[Hair Styles mentioned: Mullets, Streak Highlights, Spikes, BAPs(the movie) type hairstyles]



2000's- Present

Just as technology improved leaps and bounds during this period, hair extensions were no exception.  Starting from 2013, Yummy Hair Extensions' passion has driven them to make their mark on the newest and fastest-growing segment of the hair industry yet!  The lace closures and frontals have become thinner, and the wefts have gotten smaller. Lace front and full lace wigs have improved by leaps and bounds. With the proper installation method, hair extensions are becoming more undetectable and pivotal to everyday hairstyles.   Yummie. O our founder having a foundation in technology, is what catapulted Yummy Hair Extensions into the powerful brand it is today. Whether a Tech Queen or a Beauty Queen, innovation is the game's name for Yummie.O. Yummy Hair Extensions offers innovation in every segment of their business. Whether in the product Yummy Hair Extensions provides, the ease of their website, or their breakthrough addition of customer service to the raw and virgin hair industry, all these revolutionary actions keep them ahead of the curve.

[Hair Styles Mentioned: Lace items, Braids, Yummy Hair Extensions products]

Hairstyles are fashion statements that keep making their rounds worldwide in one way or another! Today celebrate national hair day by trying a different hairstyle, sharing your healthy hair secrets with others, or tagging us in your favorite Yummy look. Visit the Yummy Hair Extensions Dallas location or Yummy Hair Extensions Brooklyn location for a new fav today! We can't wait to make history with you!

Written by Annastasia