Yummy’s top tips to treat your hair this holiday season

While it’s easy to get caught up in the plans and duties of the holiday season - shopping for gifts, baking cookies, cooking for parties, and cleaning (so much cleaning!) we think the holidays are probably the best time of year to focus on yourself too. And for Yummy girls, that means taking extra time to care for your hair. Below, we’re sharing four of our favorite ways to enjoy some self-care via hair-care this holiday season.

Give your scalp a spa day

Most Yummy girls know this, but we’ll say it one more time for anyone who doesn’t: hair care means scalp care. It’s almost impossible to have healthy hair without a healthy scalp, and that goes for hair extensions as well. Why? The scalp is the foundation for it all - a source of natural oils that keep the hair moisturized, and - of course - the base for hair extensions. A healthy scalp is equally important for natural hair and hair extensions. But beyond that - comfort is important! An unhealthy scalp is uncomfortable and may burn or itch. And who wants that when they’re trying to flaunt a new look? Our favorite luxury is an overnight scalp mask. These are thick and goopy so don’t plan to rub it in like a leave-in conditioner and style it for going out. Scalp masks are perfect for when you want to stay in for some R&R after a few weeks of holidays. Think of this as your date for January second - just don’t forget to bring a shower cap! As with all hair care products, no two scalp masks are created equal, so be sure to look at the ingredients before you purchase. We love natural oils like shea, coconut, avocado, and moringa (to name a few!) to pack a moisture punch. Wheat protein and amino acids or kelp all strengthen the hair root as well. And be sure to look for other special treatments depending on your specific scalp needs, like dandruff removal or calming irritation. Trust us - this scalp-care night in will reap hair rewards for the weeks to come!

Give your locks some deep love

We’re not shy about admitting that we love shopping - shopping of any kind, but especially for new hair products to care for our Yummy hair. It’s luxurious and fun! And what better product to shop for than a new deep conditioner? It’s the number one way to care for hair that works hard for you - day in and day out, dressing up and dressing down. Deep conditioner is the gift that gives back - to you! Taking a little bit of time to think about what exactly your hair needs from a deep conditioner can pay off big in the end. For example, if your hair has been overprocessed, breaks easily, or feels porous, look for a deep conditioner that contains protein (look for hydrolyzed protein or ceramides). If hair feels stiff, ditch the protein and focus entirely on moisture from natural oils. The options for moisture are endless, so you have the luxury of picking and choosing. Be sure to check out Yummy’s hair blog - look here and here for ideas of new oils to gift your locks. Remember to have fun with it!

Stay away from the heat

Don’t get us wrong, we loooove our flatirons. Honestly, they’re life-changing: no single beauty tool can match its ability to transform a girl’s style. But, when it comes to flatirons, and heat-styling in general, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Yummy uses natural human hair for all of its extensions, which enables you to style it with heat - unlike synthetic hair extensions which don’t do well with heat styling. But even natural hair needs a rest, and in general, we recommend limiting use of hot-tools to every other day. But if you want to give locks an extra treat - and an extra rest - why not give it a week off of heat? Think of it as an opportunity to explore new hair styles and accessories. Buns, braids, and twists usually don’t require heat styling, and a gorgeous headwrap can hide resting locks. Your hair will thank you! Give it some sparkle - while it rests Our favorite new trend this season are sparkling - and often big - hair accessories. We’re talking pins, clips, and yes - even claws (they’re back!) bedazzled with everything from small and classic pearls to big and colorful gemstones. These accessories can update any style, but when you’re looking to give your hair and scalp some extra love - and a break from styling - these are absolutely indispensable. Why? Because you can lay off the heat-tools, pull your hair into a simple bun, and add as many sparkles as you need to dress up your style. They’re the ultimate high-style camouflage for a hair-rest day, or week.