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Ethically sourced

Raw Cambodian Collection

Sourced from diverse cities in Cambodia, hair from this region is characterized by thicker strands, a coarse texture, and a medium to low luster. Available in straight, wavy, and curly textures, it provides versatile options for achieving different styles and blends seamless with most hair types.

Ethically sourced

Raw Burma Collection

Sourced from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Hair from this region have the most beautiful pillow soft curls with a medium to high luster.

Ethically sourced

Raw LAO Collection

Sourced from Laos in Southeastern Asia, hair from this region is predominantly silkier compared to hair from other origins. It boasts a wide variety of color tones and patterns, providing diverse options. Available in wavy and curly textures, it offers versatility for achieving different hairstyles with a luxurious feel.

Ethically sourced

Yummy Collection

Our luxurious collection that has defined the gold standard for curly hair in the market for over a decade. Featuring three distinctive curl patterns exclusive to us, you won't find them anywhere else. Developed from 100% raw virgin hair extensions, sourced from a top-secret location, this collection promises unparalleled quality and uniqueness. Welcome to the highest echelon of virgin curly hair