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5 (very) last minute stocking stuffer ideas for a Yummy Girl


Does anyone else always forget about stocking stuffers until the last minute? You’ve got a stack of wrapped presents in the corner, the tree is decorated and magical, but something is nagging at you until you remember: the stockings are still empty. Everyone enjoys these tiny surprises, but buying them for others can be hard - especially if you’ve spent the shopping season navigating pandemic restrictions and shipping delays. The struggle is real.


Luckily, if you’ve got a Yummy Girl in your life, hair care and extension care products are always a hit. We’ve polled our staff and customers to curate a to-die-for list of gift ideas small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking, but large enough to make an impact.


1.   A gorgeous headwrap:

These never go out of style, and have so many uses - both practical and utterly fabulous. Pay attention to fabrics, and opt for silk or other soft and natural fibers.  Choose bold patterns or styles if your girl wants to show off her hair, or opt for a solid, neutral color to be used to give the scalp a bit of rest from the elements - or retain moisture during a deep-conditioning treatment.  Having trouble deciding? Buy several - she’s sure to appreciate the extra options!

2.   A Kosa + Yummy ceramic flatiron:

OK - we know this probably doesn’t look like a stocking stuffer, but some stockings are huge.  And who wouldn’t love to receive this top-of-the-line hair styling tool?  A flatiron is an absolute must for switching up her style with hair extensions - take a look at some of our tutorials on our blog if you’re not convinced. They’re absolute magic. But not all flatirons are created equal, so if you want your gift to be the best, be sure to order yours directly from Yummy Extensions. Ours feature triple baked layers of ceramic topped with tourmaline chips to prevent friction or breakage; floating plates that adjust to hair and get as close as possible to hair strands enabling both straight and curly styles; and infrared heat technology that ensures healthy and shiny hair. This gift is sure to wow her.

3.   A silk pillowcase:

We think everyone ought to sleep on silk, but for those with hair extensions or natural hair, silk is a must. Silk creates the least amount of friction on the hair, ensuring that delicate strands don’t break or turn to frizz.  It doesn’t matter if she already has one - or ten - every new silk pillowcase is a luxury. Since these are always used, don’t shy away from purchasing a few at a time! 

4.   An extension hanger:

Hair extensions are a deeply personal product, and especially when purchasing extensions made from human hair, no two are alike. When Yummy Girls find extensions they love, caring for them becomes a high priority. An extension hanger allows her to transport the hair without tangling it, as well as wash and dry removable extensions without worrying about a change in texture or breakage. This gift lets her know you notice all the care she puts into maintaining her gorgeous locks, and is sure to put a smile on her face.

5.   A luxe deep conditioner:

Hair extensions don’t receive the moisturizing oils produced by the scalp that natural hair does, so anyone with extensions is going to be well-versed in deep conditioning treatments. But there are so many different kinds of treatments to choose from. They range from the simplest - a dollop of jojoba oil - to highly-researched and expensive blends of natural and synthetic oils. Treat her to the most luxurious deep conditioning treatment you can get your hands on, and she’ll feel like she’s being treated to a day at the spa.

6.   Pins, clips, and claws:

One of the best things about hair extensions is that you get to make any look a reality. Make hers a little shinier with bobby pins and clips that add sparkle and color to her style. There are options for every kind of woman, and every kind of taste.  For a classic style, opt for simple clips with small stones with neutral colors, like pearls. For more flamboyant styles, bigger and brighter is better with plastic cutouts and shiny gemstones.


Trust us - any of these gifts is sure to be a hit.  But if you’re having trouble deciding, we have this advice: when in doubt, nothing says “I love you, you’re amazing, Merry Christmas” like a gift certificate for Yummy Extensions.  This gives her the freedom to choose exactly what she wants - and who doesn’t enjoy that? Remember, Yummy Extensions are more than a beauty product - they’re an experience. A gift certificate gives her a chance to luxuriate, to imagine new styles and new looks to make her shine - and trusting Yummy to make her hair dreams a reality.