Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your idea of a dream wedding.  Perfection, isn’t it?  It is such a beautiful thing to celebrate the passion, love, and union of two people.  The weather is amazing and the aroma of love in the air. You’ve spent countless weeks planning all the fine details, wracking your brain over ambience choices, and scouring for venues. Though challenging, everything is beginning to flow magically. However, closing your eyes is only limited to the imagination. If you think hard enough, you might even bring those ultimate wedding dreams to life!  Whether you are dating, engaged, married (but planning the wedding of your dreams), or don’t have a prospect yet, we are here to share some inspiration and help you finalize your big day looks.  So, here is the rundown on five trendy hairstyles and how to achieve them for this 2021 wedding season brought to you by celebrity hairstylist ,  @hairbyestylezThe perfect vision has come to life and it is no secret with these shots by @stanlophotography that will have you saying #weddinggoals throughout the whole article. Even better, all of these looks can be achieved using YUMMY Hair Extensions.


Look 1: Finger Waves Low Bun


What you’ll need for this look:

  • U Shape Bobby Pins

  • Clip Curling Iron

  • Strong Hold Hairspray 

  • Rubber bands for hair or thin hair elastics

  • Duck bill clips

  • Rake comb

 Step 1: First, add hair protectant throughout the entire hair. Next, create a side part- a parting on the side of the face- going straight back stopping when reaching the crown of your head- this will give a more dramatic look to the part.

 Pro Tip: To help keep both sections of hair separate, tie the back into a side ponytail working with the top section first. You should have 2 sections of hair to work with.

 Step 2: Begin curling by taking an inch of hair from the top curling inward away from the part.

 Step 3: Hold the curled section with a large bobby pin and repeat with remaining of hair in section 1.

 Step 4: Moving on to section 2, create soft curls in the ponytail- this does not have to be perfect or tight. Add another rubber band or hair tie in the middle of the hair and fish the bottom portion of the hair through the first section of the ponytail.

 Step 5: Wrap the hair around until bun is created holding with heavy grip pins for security and set with hairspray.

 Step 6: Take down the curled pieces after allowing sometime for cooling. Using a rake like comb, start from the ends and comb through hair. You will see the waves forming that will help frame your face.

 Step 7: With a teasing comb, grab an inch of hair at a time and begin teasing to create more hold. Repeat with each curled section.

Step 8: Using silver duck bill clips, place clips where you see the wave on both sides of the section and spray hair for additional hold.

Step 9: In the event you an end ponytail, set into the bun you created holding with bobby pin.

 Pro Tip: Be gentle, you do not want to move the waves by making adjustments to the ponytail.

Step 10: Remove clips without disturbing waves adding bobby pins for additional hold and for desired look.

Look 2: Hollywood Waves


What you’ll need for this look:
  • Hairspray
  • Teasing comb
  • Curling Iron
  • Duck bill clips
  • Choice of hair piece/Jewlery

 Step 1: Add heat protectant throughout the entire hair. Starting with the hair from the bottom of your head, place the curling iron under the hair and curl. For this style, you can use the curling iron as a curling wand but would not recommend the use of a curling wand so the curl will be consistent from left to right.  Once curled, secure with clip for hold. Repeat on the rest of your hair curling an inch of your hair at a time.
Step 2: Spray hair with hairspray for additional hold and allow hair to cool down.
Step 3: Remove clips pulling hair down to loosen section.
Step 4: For additional hold, add duck bill clips at the wave throughout the entire hair. Remove when ready.

Look 3: Chignon Updo (no part)

What you’ll need for this look:
  • Hairspray and Styling Gel
  • Hair Padding Bun or Bridal Pad for Hair
  • Hair comb
  • Bobby Pins
  • U Pins
  • Hair elastic
  • Choice of rhinestone wedding band
Step 1: Using your favorite styling gel, apply and slick hair back into a low ponytail- don’t forget your edges!
 Step 2: Place the hair puff or bridal pad under the hair and roll hair on ponytail bending pad out and securing with bobby pins or U Pins. Spread hair out to cover hair pad. Comb and spray hair as needed adding bobby pins for a cleaner/ tighter look. Spray hair with hairspray as needed for additional hold.

Look 4: Chignon Updo (middle part)


What you’ll need for this look:
  • Hairspray
  • Hair Padding, Buff or Bridal Pad for Hair.
  • Hair comb
  • Bobby Pins
  • U Pins
  • Hair elastic
  • Rat tooth comb
  • Choice of hair piece/Jewelry

Step 1: Create a side part and section a piece of hair from top of crown to top of ear on the desired side based on where your side part is. Clip section away from hair and pull remaining hair back into a ponytail slicking the hair back as needed.
Step 2: Using a hair puff or bridal pad, place it under the hair and roll hair on ponytail bending pad out and securing with bobby pins or U Pin. Spread hair out to cover hair pad. Comb and spray hair as needed adding bobby pins for a cleaner/ tighter look.
Step 3: Returning to the section near the side part, pull hair back creating waves with the end of a rat tooth comb and adding clips to secure the wave. Add hairspray and pin adding reminder of hair into the bun. 


Look 5: High Bun with Bangs or Faux Bangs

PRO TIP: Did you know you can get this look using Yummy Extensions? Check out our Yummy Locs!


What you’ll need for this look:

  • 2-3 Hair elastics of your choice. Size may vary depending on length and how many locs you have.
  • Large U Pins – to add as needed.
  • Choice of hair piece/Jewelry

 Before getting started: Keep in mind you will skip the initial steps if you already have bangs or desire this look without them.

Step 1: Grab a section of locs before the crown of head- the more locs the more fuller your bangs will look so keep this in mind when parting. Gather hair at the top creating a half ponytail not bringing hair all the way through. This will cause the faux bangs to form.

Step 2: Using the remaining section of locs, add to half ponytail on top securing with large hair tie, bringing locs around the first section creating a bun. Repeat as needed and add as much or as little hair at a time for a perfect bun.

Step 3: Secure with U Pins as needed and play with bangs until desired look is achieved.

There you have it, YUMMY Brides! We hope you loved these five amazing looks. Each one is incredibly easy to recreate. Your wedding planning was just made easier with this inspiration from @stanlophotography.  Check him out at

 Which wedding hairstyle look is your favorite? Let us know, and don’t forget to save this post for future reference!

 To recreate these looks using our extensions, we recommend using our RAW Wavy Collection.

If you loved this shoot as much as we did then you will LOVE the conversation we had with Esther [@hairbyestylez]. Esther was the hair designer who helped bring this shoot to life.


Question: You are no stranger to social media- your work can be seen on celebrities like songstress Kandi Burruss and reality star Porsha Williams, but who is Esther?

Answer: “I am originally from Canada and started very young doing hair and building my clientele at 16 years of age. I am somebody who always wants to stay current and is always ready and willing to learn. I know the importance of constantly perfecting my craft and feel like it is my duty because so many have trusted me with their special day- I want to be sure to give them my best work every-time. There is a lot that comes with doing hair and I hope that I can tell a story when I give someone the look they are looking for.”

Question: Tell us more about this photoshoot and your involvement.

Answer: “This shoot was in the works since 2020 but Covid interrupted everything. Once we saw things were heading in the right direction concerning the Pandemic, we thought it would be a great opportunity to do the shoot to release this year. Stanley’s  vision always comes through! It was a great opportunity.”

 Question: I think I speak for everyone when I say, this was the photoshoot we never knew we needed! Give us the inside scoop, was this an actual wedding or a vision?

Answer: “This was a vision! And what a vision was and still is! We did it because when people are putting a wedding together- they need inspiration! Rarely can you find inspiration with the entire bridal party. That was our main goal in this photoshoot.”

Question: All of the looks tie together so well but are also unique- did you pre-plan the styles you were going to create?

Answer: I honestly do not like to pre-plan too much. My brides usually show me some looks they would like and I add my own unique flare to it. What inspired me to give all these ladies their own beautiful look was the desire to stay as trendy as possible. Hollywood waves, updos, and buns have been an ongoing trend and so I wanted to show my versatility in each look.”

 Question: Mission accomplished! Most of the styles represented can be played down a little for an everyday look but can also be elegant for a wedding as we see in this shoot. How long did each look take to accomplish?

 Answer: “I would say 45 minutes to an hour for most looks but specifically for the Hollywood waves- it can take up to 2 hours. Usually, it will take me about an hour to prep the hair, curl it and pin it. As it sets, the model goes to get her makeup done then it’s another hour or so to put the waves together and style as I desire.”

Question: We love to see it, a Queen with locs! What was your vision for her hairstyle?

Answer: “She already had the bangs so I was toying with the idea of leaving the locs down but then I said ‘you know what- we already know what locs look like down’ so I created the bun to show another look another beautiful style that can be accomplished with locs.”

Question: Did you use extensions at all for these looks?

Answer: “Yes! Look 1: the Low Bun with Finger waves along with Look 2: the Hollywood waves were frontal wigs. The model in Look 3: the Chignon Updo with no Part, came with an install and for Look 4: the Chignon Updo I added weft.”  

Question: We LOVE the seamless looks on all the styles! This is what Yummy Extensions is all about. A little bird told me you are also a Yummy Girl and have been for a while now.

Answer:  “Yes! I purchase Yummy Extensions since 8 years ago! I remember waiting for by the phone for your sale to go up so I can purchase my wonderful curly hair- which by the way I still have! The hair is so amazing and natural.”

Question: What advice do you have for other Yummy Girls that will be reading this post?

Answer: Be you and Love yourself! Express who you are through everything you do. If that is through your hair- do it and always remember: The hair doesn’t wear us- we wear the hair!

For more information on how to achieve these looks please send an email  to