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YUMMY Virgin Deep Curl
YUMMY Virgin Deep Curl
YUMMY Virgin Deep Curl

YUMMY Virgin Deep Curl

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These soft yummy curls will allow you to achieve your dream curly hairstyle or brush out for a light weight natural afro inspired hairstyle. Superior to "Brazilian" Hair and Indian Hair. Medium-low luster. Blends with all hair types. Curl pattern will ALWAYS revert back after wash. Hair can be colored easily. Produced with 100% Raw Human Hair. Absolutely tangle free. Curl pattern may vary from bundle to bundle. Reusable Due to our exclusive weft construction, we guarantee that each YUMMY Virgin Hair  selection will have little to no shedding or strand loss regardless of texture and curl/wave pattern. Available in natural black and brown colors ONLY. WE DO NOT SELL CHINESE HAIR.



Describe the curl pattern.
Soft, tight ringlets, Close to a 3C hair type.
Can this hair be straightened?
Yes, it can be straightened using hot tools. Excessive heat application could cause hair damage over time. Use a heat protect ant before applying heat to natural human hair.
Can this hair be colored?
Yes, it can be colored. Seek the help of professional Colorist when depositing color to this hair.
Is the price for one bundle?
Yes, the price listed is for one bundle only. To purchase multiple bundles, you will need to update your quantity in your shopping cart.